Interview With Matt Starr Drummer Of Ace Frehley

KISS Army Colombia, had the pleasure of speaking with Matt Starr, who is the new drummer of Ace Frehley, do not miss this interview where we talked about his beginnings in music, his course in the world of Kiss and more.

Matt Starr Live. Photo: David "Gus" Griesinger

Kiss Army Colombia: hi matt thanks for your time.
Matt Starr: My pleasure.

KAC: Tell us about your career as a musician
MS: I started playing drums at 12. In my early 20's I started singing &; made a few records.  Most recently Ive gotten back to drumming & I love it!

I have had the pleasure of playing with members
of Guns & Roses, Kevin Dubrow (Quiet Riot), Beautiful Creatures & others. I also
produce, my latest record was Hotel Diablo's debut "The Return to Psycho, California" which I produced
along with Gilby Clarke.

KAC: what was your inspiration to be a musician?
MS: When I was 8 years old I would  listen to KISS, Cheap Trick & Aerosmith records
and I wanted to be part of the music I was hearing & the world they created.
It's the only thing I was passionate about....until I discovered girls.

KAC: How long have you know Ace Frehley?
MS: My first show with Ace was July 11 in New York City.  It's been a lot of fun &
I'm looking forward to the future.

KAC: we know you're the new drummer for Ace Frehley, and started working with him?
MS: When I heard Scot Coogan had left the band I called a friend of mine who had
played with Anthony Esposito & he put us in touch with each other. A week later
I flew to New York to audition.  A few weeks later I got a call from Anthony
telling me I got the gig!

KAC: you think about ace as a musician and as a person?
MS: Ace has been a pleasure to play with. He's been very good to me.  He
has inspired generations of bands & musicians and he's got some killer
snakeskin shoes!

KAC: could you give us some preview of what will be the show of Ace Frehley?
MS: We play music from Ace's solo LPs including the '78 LP & Anomaly & we also play
lots of KISS.

KAC: you like (Kiss)?
MS: Love KISS. I saw them in 1979 on the Dynasty tour.

KAC: you have a favorite song?
MS: Rocket Ride, Deuce & Sister (from Anomaly).

KAC: have solo projects?
MS: I am finishing up a record of solo material that I'm very excited about.  It
will be released later this year.  I had lots of help from T-bone Andersson & Jorgen Calsson from Planet of the Abts & Gov't Mule.  Watch for updates!

KAC: Matt, thank you very much for your time, you have some palabaras for fans of
Kiss and Ace in Colombia?
MS: It's been my pleasure!  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to chat with you
guys. I'd like to say hello to all the KISS & Ace fans in Columbia & I hope to
see you all very soon!!

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